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Mental Health Support

PAS UK is pleased to offer Mental Health support for anyone needing to help with a range of issues from PTSD to life’s struggles.

Our dedicated team lead by our Director of Mental Health Services Dr Gareth Thomas is exceptionally skilled and use a range of therapies to help.

All sessions are £120 an hour and your initial appointment includes an assessment of which therapy you need and a treatment plan moving forwards.

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Meet The Mental Health Services Team

Dr Gareth Thomas

Director of Mental Health Services

Gemma Newton


Diann Neill

Chartered Educational Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Tina Thomas

Assistant Psychologist

Derith Rhisiart

Psychologist and Practitioner

Have you served in the Armed Forces and are struggling with adjusting to life outside of service? Or do you have an acquired disability and need some help?

Peer Advice Services UK are running a one-day course for veterans to provide knowledge and tools that will help improve mental health and tackle Civvy Street.