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Work Placement Project

Our Work Placement Project is designed to empower individuals with disabilities to enter or return to the world of work. Through our carefully crafted work placement scheme, housed in a secure office environment, participants can gain valuable work experience while receiving support from experienced trainers and support workers.

At Peer Advice Services UK, we work in collaboration with Adapt Gateway, who provide comprehensive training for our work placement candidates, and Admin and More Ltd, who generously offer the facilities to house our workplace program. We provide advocacy and peer support to assist candidates in accessing the necessary funding to facilitate their return to work.

The organisations involved in this project possess a wealth of experience in working with people with disabilities, including neurodiverse conditions now classified as disabilities. Our personnel are not only skilled in training for employment but also in fostering personal growth, building confidence, improving self-esteem, and cultivating a positive attitude, thereby enabling individuals to thrive in the workplace.

Throughout the work placement, candidates will have the opportunity to identify any additional needs they may require to flourish in a working environment.

We will guide them towards accessing further support through schemes such as Access to Work, local authorities, or charities.

Each candidate will commit to an unpaid work placement lasting a minimum of 6 weeks in our provided office space. The expectation is that they attend for a minimum of 4 hours per day, allowing for flexibility and accommodating those who may find it challenging to manage a full working day initially.

While the placement follows a general training plan, we understand the importance of considering the unique needs of each candidate. Our training plan aims to instil a strong work ethic and provide the necessary skills for an office environment. Our staff members are proficient in the Microsoft suite of software and the Internet, ensuring that candidates receive the assistance and training they need, regardless of their current level of knowledge. We also offer guidance in crafting CVs, interview techniques and practice, and benefit claiming.

Our fully accessible office space is equipped with the necessary tools for individuals with any type of disability to thrive at work. We have designated areas where candidates can retreat if they feel overwhelmed or anxious, creating a supportive and pleasant working environment that fosters confidence.

Peer Advice Services UK and Adapt Gateway provide mental health support and peer counselling to ensure candidates receive holistic care during their work placement.

Work assignments will be provided by the three collaborating organizations for candidates to undertake.

Following the placement period, our support staff will maintain communication with the candidate, offering ongoing mentoring calls and liaising with potential employers, if applicable.

A properly designed work placement project, executed with care, can make a significant difference for individuals with disabilities because:

  • It provides a safe environment for individuals to understand the dynamics of the workplace.
  • People with disabilities often exhibit exceptional loyalty, making them valuable employees for potential employers.
  • It serves as a conduit for achieving goals and provides constructive feedback to promote better practices within a safe environment.

Initially, we can support 156 people per year through the work placement scheme. As we progress, our goal is to expand to multiple locations across the country and working directly with employers In the first year, we have spaces for 6 people on the scheme for each six weeks placement.

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